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About Envisioning Technology

Envisioning Technology is a technological trend forecasting firm headed by emerging technology strategist Michell Zappa. We focus on explaining where society is inexorably heading in the near future by extrapolating on current developments and advances in keynote presentations and visualizations. We’re predominately based in Berlin, London, São Paulo and New York.

Our research facilitates understanding the field for those who work in technology by painting a bigger picture of where the landscape is heading. In this, we try to guide both corporations and public institutions in making better decisions about their (and society’s) future.

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Simon Cox (London)

With a career spanning technology, government and finance, Simon is interested in anything tech, anything macro, and anything business strategy – particularly where these overlap. He is the Commercial Manager at Adapt, a leading UK managed IT services provider. When he’s not building commercial models to support complex IT solutions, he’s reading and dreaming about how technology can make the world a better place.

Patrick Schlafer (New York)

Although always interested in design, this interest has transformed over recent years from a “traditional” aesthetic practice into a speculative and web-centered process. Now, the question is: through a transdisciplinary approach, might it be possible to evaluate the patterns existing in the present to make the best decisions for the future?

Arthur Soares (São Paulo)

Creative Technologist, figuring out the way technologies shape human interaction and culture.

Ricardo Justus (São Paulo)

Television director, film school graduate, producer, videomaker, writer, daydreamer, technology geek, and gaming addict. Always trying to figure out how those specific things connect, and how the future of media will take shape.
STR 10 DEX 6 INT 18 WIS 13 CHA 9.

Flávia Stefani (San Francisco)

Writer, copywriter and author, she has been thinking about technology for longer than she can remember, especially because she believes technology and creativity are inseparable. Spends a lot of time thinking about the future of books and storytelling. Promised to finish her book this year. She promised it last year, too.