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Should I be afraid of the future?

Should I be afraid of the future is accompanied by a wonderful expanded, interactive edition on shouldibeafraidof.com.


Geophysical disasters, global warming, robot uprising, zombie apocalypse, overpopulation and last but not least the end of the Mayan calendar... humanity faces many threats! Will we survive the end of this year? And if we do, what's next lurking around the corner? What is science fiction, what is science fact? Join us in exploring the world of existential risks – but always remember what Carl Sagan said: extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

Who made this?

Should I Be Afraid of the Future is a collaborative project by Bold Futures, who researched and developed the concept, Envisioning Technology, who crafted it all into the poster, and Ana Viegas, who expanded it into a website.

Keynote presentations

Keynote presentations

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Custom research

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“Should I be afraid of the future?” has a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported license.

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